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Reader X Markiplier *oneshot* read discription by silvercynder
Reader X Markiplier *oneshot* read discription…

this is the fan fiction that was taken down because i did something wrong for the contains so here it is again just of the different web sight and comment on this page

ill be putting this picture up for my other fanfics 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Its was a cold night in LA as winter had just arrive and Mark was under 5 covers of blanket to keep warm, he couldn’t get to sleep cause of the cold and went down stairs for some milk, the floor was cold and he hissed at each step, he cursed himself for not wearing any shoes he got to the fridge and took the bottle of milk and a glass from the cabinet, as he pored some milk, there was a knock at the door, he looked at the clock and saw it was 3 am “who would be awake at this time of night and crazy enough to be out in this weather?” he spoke to himself and looked though the pip hole and saw you covered in blood and bruising, Mark then quickly opened the door and you then started to fall but Mark caught you “hey, are you ok” he spoke worried as he turned you over to see your face, but there wasn’t much as your face was covered in bruising and blood, Mark closed the door and carried you to the spare bathroom and put the hot water on and put you in the tub as the water rained on your body and face, the blood was washing off and your normal colour was coming back. Mark then started to see you had cuts under your shirt and took it off and throwing it in the wash and took off your pants too and found more cuts “this cant have been self harm, can it?”

When your body was completely clean of the exes blood, Mark then started to wrap you up in bandages after a while you start to open your eyes and saw a blurred figured leaning over you, thinking the worst you started to scream bloody murder and pushed the figure off of you and ran past it, you saw you where only in your under wear and ran to the nearest weapon you could find that seemed to be in the kitchen and held a knife, scared out of your mind you sit in a corner shivering from the water running off your body.

Mark held his head as he fell face first on the tap giving him a bloody nose, he grabbed a towel for his nose and went out the bathroom, looking around he heard your crying and started to walk slowly to the corner that you where at and crouched to her level, you held the knife at him so he won’t come any closer, Mark stopped when you pointed the knife at him and removed the towel from his face with a still bloody nose, he smiled at you “its ok I won’t hurt you, my name is Mark what is yours?” he spoke calmly as he put the towel back on his nose to stop the bleeding, like a scared animal you didn’t talk, as some of your wounds opened up again from one of the lose bandages and started to bleeding again, you try to ignore it as he started to get closer to you and held the knife that was in your hand and pulled his away, as your hands didn’t have a grip on it any more, you see him smile under the towel and you couldn’t help but give a small smile back, and he smiled even bigger “oh good, your smiling” he giggled lightly “now could I possibly ask for your name?” you shiver at the cold and hold your self lightly “its ………….” Mark smiled “awesome now can you stand? You have to get in the shower again or you’re going to freeze” he smiled lightly and held his hand out to you, you nodded lightly and took his hand and standing up, then nearly falling cause of the blood lose but Mark caught you just in time and dropping the towel for his nose, being face to face with him made you blush lightly and look away, he smiled “there’s no need to be embarrassed, ill help you in the tub and you have to promise you won’t go screaming and running of now ok?” his smiled was too inviting as you smiled back and nodded “promise” as you settle back in the warm water gave you goose bumps as you relaxed, and Mark started to warp some bandaged on your wounds, you look away as he covers you wound Mark looked to you and asked “so who did this to you?”
Reader X Markiplier *oneshot*
just something I thought of since i had a burst of inspiration just now tell me what you think, there is a bit of gore to those of sensitive imaginations
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watch as my best friend and boyfriend fail at cooking the persona 4 mega beef bowl special
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